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Do I love my food or what?

Life was a cake walk for 21 years,

a time with no fears

of love handles or the growing waistline,

and food was on mind all the time.

Gokul was the place of choice

to eat mirchi bajji for that extra spice.

Then come home to a cup of tea,

and polish off some avakaya annam with ghee.

Summers were the fun months,

and the days of indulgence.

Days of eating to beat the heat,

with icy rasna and ajji’s thalipeeth.

The exhibition was another place to stuff,

yummy pav bhaji and hot curry puff,

and wash it all down with ganne ka ras,

then pop a pan while in the bus.

Then I moved to Mumbai,

the home of vada pav and cutting chai.

Now there were so many friends to meet

and myriad avenues to eat.

Order in some pizza from smokin joes,

or let us go out and get our dose,

of sev puri-dahi puri

and eat it all guilt-free.

Sigh now when I think about food

I remember it does no good

And only accentuates the waistline

No choice but to curtail the wine and dine!

Growing up changes your perspective.

Are we living to eat or eating to live?

Graduating from the former to latter,

we hope life’s taken a turn for the better!


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