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It is all like old times when:

  • dad forces you to eat roti instead of cereal for breakfast.
  • mom says you are wasting space in the kitchen cabinets and vows to bring in some efficiency
  • you get dressed for work and see that your lunch is already packed and ready
  • the lil sister goes berserk shopping for tai(didi) and sends bag loads of yummy clothes
  • all you do is vegetate on the couch…the parents even hand you water when you get back home from work, Have chai and chivda with them.
  • you dont get back to an empty apartment.
  • they think you have become too thin when you are beating yourself up over putting on weight, and they vow to make you ‘better’ before they leave
  • they think you are the prettiest girl in town 😀
  • the cooker gets washed everyday
  • you take fresh food in your lunch instead of raat ka khana
  • they get bored the very first day of their one month long trip
  • they sit and talk and say how you still talk like a little girl, and not like a woman…LOL
  • you try to eat healthy food, track your nutrition etc, and tell your dad as much, but he still thinks you don’t take care of yourself!
  • they think dishwasher is a waste of time and water and electricity :-))

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