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Competitive team sports

I was a die-hard cricket fan. And a fan of the Indian cricket team. Especially when Ganguly re-entered the scene, in 1996. I loved his attitude towards cricket. He instilled that fighting spirit that Indians famously lacked then. Those were the pre-T20/IPL days and life was simpler. There were the one dayers and the tests. Anyway, I digress. So I used to put my heart out there whenever India played. And it(my poor heart) broke every time we lost, especially the oh-so-close ones. And the ones where you knew from the beginning that it was a lost cause were worse. With each over my heart would lose one beat. Thats how I learnt not to get myself emotionally involved with a sports team or a player. But I do not learn from my mistakes. I did that again.

Three years back when the Patriots were playing the Giants in the Superbowl, I wanted the Patriots to win. Because ofTom Brady. They did not, and I was heart-broken when I saw Brady’s face. I was determined to never put my heart out to sports ever again. And I did it again at the Super Bowl last year. Manning was my man. And seeing him after the loss was hard. Thought I learnt my lesson? Not quite.

Washington Capitals are our local Hockey team. And it was an awesome season for the Caps.  Out of a total of 82 games played, they won 54, lost 15 and won 13 in overtime. The second best overall team had only 48 wins. They won the president’s trophy which is awarded to the team with the most overall wins in the season. All was looking good and they were to play a team from Canada, the Canadiens in the quarterfinal playoffs. Basically it was a best of 7 series. And the Capitals lost 4-3 last night. They were the heavy favorites to win this as well as eventually the Stanley cup. And they lost. This is how they looked like after the loss:

The guy kneeling down, Alex Ovechkin was my favorite. It is not as if they were a bad team. They tried. Ovechkin was amazing, he had the most attempts of all at the goal, but the Canadiens were just so much better. I cried. This is the most heartbreak I can handle. Thats it. I now refuse to get involved in any competitive team sports and give my heart away to a team, only to have it trampled upon. Good bye!


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