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Midweek Masala

  • Shammi Kapoor is going to be back on screen soon. Imtiaz Ali convinced Kapoor to work in his upcoming movie Rockstar which also stars Ranbir Kapoor! Kapoor says Imtiaz told him he would take full responsibility of Kapoor’s health on the sets. Bless you Imtiaz!
  • Are you among the people who are fed up with celeb tweets flooding your page? Picture this. AB baby says he completed 10 years in the industry, Priyanka, Mugdha and Neil talk about rains lashing Mumbai, Big B as usual brags about some new movie and some hotshot he is working with, Ram Gopal Verma and Madhur Bhandarkar spout some profound wisdom, and Karan Johar is in perpetual sell-I-Hate-Love-Storys mode. Take your pick!
  • Kirron Kher was recently heard complaining about how most serious movies are male-oriented. She says she wants to work with really serious film makers like Vishal Bharadwaj, Imtiaz Ali but, “The problem is they are only being made with centering men in focus”, she says. We hear you Kirron. If only these filmmakers did too.
  • Did you know that Genelia has been crowned the Ambassador of the Year by CNBC AWAAZ Consumer Awards? Did you know there was an award like that? Well, is it any wonder that she was awarded that considering she is indiscriminately appearing in ads for products from a pen to luxury cars! But what I fail to understand is how she usurped the ad king of India, Navratan Tel top salesman apna Big B?
  • All it takes is to have a popular dad! At least in Bollywood. Turns out, despite his horrendous performance as Raavan AB baby has been offered a BIG movie by Raj Kumar Santoshi and has signed it for Rs. 7 crore! Some people have it all, popular dad, sundar biwi, big directors, bhadhiya hain!
  • AB reminds me to ask you all if you think AB baby is ever going to grow up and if Big B is ever going to stop fighting the baby’s battles? Also, when will the Bachchan family get over their self-importance?

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