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Warning – there might be unintentional spoilers in this post, so if you haven’t watched Inception and don’t want your fun spoiled, now is the time to close your browser. Also, these are my views, and are not intended to hurt the feelings of those of you who think otherwise about the movie. The husband himself is a big fan 🙂

While the whole world and their grandmother are going gaga over Inception, I feel underwhelmed. Facebook statuses, Twitter feeds and the blog world have been inundated by how wonderful the movie is and how amazing that we could create this whole new world in our dreams, where we can practically construct what we want, the way we want it, and not include people we don’t want included. Am I crazy then, to not feel the same love for Inception? Sure, I liked the movie, everyone acts well, the story is gripping and the end vague enough to warrant a discussion. But all this talk about this being the best movie ever? No sir!

First of all, I really don’t care about a dream world, let alone one where you need a totem to remind you that it is only a dream world. When you are so excited and sold on the idea of a dream world, pray why do you need a spinning piece of metal to tell you it is indeed your dream world, and that your real world is nowhere close to the dream world?

Second issue I have with inception is the way one person’s dream can interweave with another person’s. And people in your imagination can really screw up things for you in your inception. See how Leonardo di Caprio’s wife keeps popping in his dreams everywhere and interferes with his ‘mission’? If it is indeed my dream world, I should be able to keep all those mental demons away and lead a perfect life, no?

Third, dream in a dream in a dream? So much so that if you are not able to come back from one dream into another in time, you live in a kind of limbo where you have no idea if it is a dream or reality? Sorry, cannot take such risks with my life. I love things the way they are.

Fourth, the dreamer really cannot be the creator, because if the dreamer and the creator are one and the same, it violates some fundamental laws of dreams, blah blah! So let me get this straight, you will sleep and dream, to get into the imaginary world of someone else? No thanks!

So give me the imaginary world of Harry Potter any day and please take your dreams with you!


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