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I did not have a chance to blog about THE event of our lives – India winning the cricket world cup, since I was busy delivering BabyN the night after the win. The whole match was watched counting contractions, and timing them, to determine when to rush to the hospital!

What do I think about the win? Of course it was spectacular and I cried when I saw Sachin being hoisted up by Pathan and Kohli by turns, and the whole team dedicating the win to him. I had tears in my eyes when Gambhir dedicated the win to everyone who suffered on 26/11. I jumped with joy when I saw Dhoni go and accept the cup and the whole team take multiple victory walks around the stadium, popping out the huge champagne bottle and having a go at it! Speaking of which, I am totally sold on the Dhoni era. How amazing is this guy? At first I thought he was totally thanda and ineffective, not rising to the occasion and playing captain;s innings ever. Not yelling at his team for poor fielding and bowling, not pointing fingers at his team, and standing by poor players. But now I see the merits of his methods. He showed confidence in his team and they returned the favor by playing their hearts out. And the way Dhoni melted into the background during the celebrations, to allow Sachin take all the credit and the rest of the team bask in glory. How very leader like! The Dhoni effect was fully visible, with the team being relaxed and everyone just going with the flow in the final, as opposed to getting overwhelmed by the momentousness of the occasion.

So I humbly submit to all those (especially Hitchy) who asked me to have patience and trust Dhoni’s abilities. The man has nerves of steel, and is a master manager. Here’s to Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Take a bow MS!


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Talking about babies

I have always been one of those people who frowned on new parents talking only about their baby all day long. I was also one of those people who said I won’t be as obsessed with my baby. But the past few weeks have seen me eat my words. All I can think of all day is about BabyN. Is he getting enough milk? Is he getting too much milk? Should his poop be green in color? Shouldn’t he be having some play time rather than eat and sleep all day? Blah blah. There, I am turning into one of those obsessed parents. But accepting the reality is half the battle won. So I have resolved that I will try to not let BabyN’s thoughts take over my life so much. Both in my day-to-day life as well as on my blog. Regular programming, in addition to BabyN stories will resume soon.

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Being parents

I am still to feel like a mommy. This 19 day old little being clinging to me for nutrition and love feels surreal. I know before I know it he will be 19 weeks old and wanting to stay longer at his daycare or a 19 month old throwing a tantrum or a 19 year old trying to teach his old mom new things, but for now he is this vulnerable little being who relies on me and his daddy for everything. We are still trying to figure out what to do with him when he cries(although I must admit that his dad does a better job of guessing his needs than mom). Change diaper, burp, feed, soothe, that’s what the checklist says. For all we know he must be thinking ‘man, these people are weird, they change my diaper when I ask for food, and sing to me when all I want is a clean bottom!’ Have patience with us little fellow, mommy and daddy will learn soon.

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S and I welcomed our baby boy BabyN on April 3rd and things have been in a constant state of change since then. His poop, feeding, peeing, sleeping and crying have temporarily taken over our lives, and all my little spare time is spent worrying if I am being a good mom! I will post more when I find some rhythm in life. For now, I shall stop here. Please stop by on Facebook to see pictures of BabyN. More later.

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