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Another letter to you, my baby!

Dear BabyN,

You turned 9 months old last week, and the last time I wrote to you was when you were a week shy of 8! I was reading this letter Roop wrote to your very first friend ever, and I wanted to write to you too! I tell you, that Roop writes so well, that I want to cry every time I read the letter she writes to her little girl.

You have spent more time outside now, than you did in my womb, yippe to that!

Let’s see, milestones!

You crawl, of course, everywhere now. Nothing is spared, everything turned over, inspected and promptly put in the mouth. Speaking of which, you routinely find small, dangerous stuff to eat, and then go all silent. That is my cue to find you and stuff my fingers into your mouth to fish that offending thing out! It is like a game now. We also have a new game now – Where in the world is BabyN? Is he under the dining table? Or under his rocker? Or behind the couch? Or better yet, licking the trash can? Yes, you did lick the trash can a few times I caught you in the kitchen, sitting in a corner and merrily licking the can. I showed you the trash can and said loudly, NO Licking! No Licking! And you laughed, LOLed more like! Was that funny, because it was not intended to be so. You are moving around so much that it is impossible to capture you in pictures or video unless it is done on the sly or one of us is holding you down. Most of your pictures are like this:

You are talking a dime a dozen. Not talking in the strict sense of the word, but blabbering, more like. Your favorite words are doi doi doi, ablablablabla, and amamamamama. The most used word is doi and we are super curious to know what that means. One would have expected you would say mamma or dada or some variations of those first but you started with doi 😦

Mamma and nanna are still splitting their work times so one of us can stay home with you. But I can see how you have changed, already. You run towards the door crying mamamama when I come back and greet nanna with a huge smile and jump on him when he is back. It is like you are saying, save me from this person, I have been with him/her for so long!

I keep complaining about how life changes with baby, but ironically, I do not remember a life before you arrived! It seems like you were in our life for far more than your mere 9 months on earth.

Every day is a challenge for nanna and I, to keep errant dust, trash, small objects away from you, but you still manage to find bits and bobs to put in your mouth, then you make a weird vomiting sound, we run to stuff our fingers down your throat to fish it out and breathe a sigh of relief. That is one big reason we are always milling about you when you are on your explorations. What is so exciting about a small piece of envelope that has fallen from our hands while we were opening the mail? How come you put that in your mouth but when  I give you the bits of banana-flavored wheat snack you don’t put it in your mouth? Oh yeah, you bend and lick the snack off the plate or the floor like a vacuum cleaner.

Now we see you are scared of certain things. The Roomba , for one. While it is stationary you will attack it and try to lick it or better yet take a bite out of it, but as soon as it is switched on you crawl away from it as fast as possible and start crying! The other day we bought an exercise mat and a foam exercise roll and you are terrified of both! Whenever I sit on the mat and put you on my lap you cling to me like a man clings to a tall tree in the midst of flooded waters, it is a funny sight. You, my brave baby, who was not scared of being on a swing, not scared of new people, not scared of putting stuff in your mouth, are scared of a mere mat…HA!

Naps are still something I complain loudly about, but you are your own person already, and will not succumb to any attempts from my side to put you on a self-nap schedule. So I have given up. At least for now. I am hoping that the day care will have you all set. Oh yes, you will start going to a daycare soon enough. Now that you are interacting with everyone and are plainly bored with the one caregiver you have to make do with everyday, we feel it will be good for you to be in the midst of your peers.

Nanna and mamma are taking you on your first ever flight, to India! Yes, your country. Though you are born here in the US, mera beta, you are an Indian and your mamma is going to show you how amazing her country is. She is already singing Saare Jahan Se achcha to you, and Vande Mataram too. You lucky baby, you will be in India on republic day, who knows, you might get to wear an India flag too!

New games everyday, new ways to outwit you everyday. That is our life, for now. You come crawling at super-sonic speed as soon as the bedroom door is opened and run to the closet as if you are on a mission. Once there, you grab odd plastic bags or pajamas in there and start chewing away. One thing you are still not doing is giving your poor mamma her share of hugs that she desperately needs. When will you start hugging me, baby? Whenever you cling to me I imagine that as a hug and soothe myself. But mamma wants the real thing NOW! Soon you will be a toddler and will be too busy to even look mamma’s way, so she has to make the most of the time now.

I hope, some day you get to read all the posts I have written for you, and see how much nanna and mamma love you. Some day, when you are a pre-teen or a teenager, and you hate your parents for being uncool and being the worst parents on earth, I hope you read these posts and see for yourself how much they love you and how much you love them and how they tried to do the best they could for you! Sigh!

Now I leave you with this picture of a rare moment. You are content lying on my lap, chewing away poor Sophie! For that one minute you were just staring at me(or so I would like to think) and my heart skipped a beat.


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