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A few days to go….

…and my baby, you will be one! For the life of me I cannot remember how the last few months just zipped by, and we are now knocking on one year! I started writing this post a couple weeks ago, but life(you did) took over and the blog got pushed to the end of the list.

Wow, ok, let’s see, the last time I posted was a little over 2 months ago, when you had just turned 9 months old. Cut to today, you are 11 and a half months a few days short of a year old, and knocking on the 1 year mark! How time flies!

There is so much I want to blog about. First there is the obvious, my baby is going to be a year old soon! I cannot believe how fast the last 1 year went by. Oh, well the first 2-3 months were excruciatingly slow, though. Those days of taking care of a new-born baby, I am sure not going to miss them…hehe. I remember when he used to be fussy and clingy and forever wanting to nurse, and I used to shudder to think what if these days never end, what if my baby is always like this….sigh! How foolish of me, right?

There has been so many developments since the last time I blogged about his progress, now we are running(waddling fast, more like), climbing couches and trying to jump off them. We are also not worried that mamma is leaving us every time she goes to the bathroom anymore. We are much more comfortable with the idea of mom saying bye and heading out the door, because we know she will come back for us 🙂

Some things haven’t changed at all, though. You still hate to take naps, and will resist with every last bone in your body, all attempts to calm you down enough so you can fall asleep. Night sleep is still a breeze(I might jinx it, now that it is all out on the blog), a last bottle and put away in the crib, there is barely a whimper and you are fast asleep, only to wake up bright next morning! Another thing that hasn’t changed? You still run to the door when nanna is home, wailing to be rescued from the evil clutches of mommy. You are so happy and yell shrieks of joy being roughed up by nanna. You don’t mind all the squeezing, tugging, throwing that nanna does to you, but you recoil in disgust when mommy showers kisses and hugs on you. You are already so grown up that you don’t want to be smothered anymore.

More and more mommy wavers between being the cool mommy of Jaane Tu ya Jaane na and ‘Momma’ from Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. On one hand she wants to be this hands-off, chilled out mom who you would love to hang out with when you are 15 and on the other she wants to be the center of you life and for you to be the center of hers. And she cannot, for the life of her, figure out what she wants! Just like you cannot figure out if you want to be a clingy, mommy’s boy or an out and out nanna’s baby. There are times you have refused to come to me, and wanted to be pampered by nanna, and times when you stick to mommy like cling-wrap. But I have to confess, the nanna moments have far out-numbered the mommy moments as far as I can remember. How unfair is that? Show me some mommy-love!

You have started gyrating to music now, and all kinds of it, too. Yes you are your mommy’s baby when it comes to enjoying rasta-chap songs and your daddy’s baby when your eyes light up to ‘real’ music as well. When you run towards the shoe rack to pick and choose what shoe to eat, all we have to do is play masakkali and you come running back, yelling all the way! Seeing you fidget with the buttons on your toys, so your favorite music plays, is a joy to behold. You sit there with determination until you start hearing the beginning of the tune, and the you stand up, click your tongue and do some squats. That is your dance – squats with perfect form!

Your birthday planning is in full flow and mommy and nanna are burning the midnight oil making the house ready for the big day. Of course you won’t understand or appreciate a thing, err, except maybe when we let you eat some cake! Yes! You get to eat cake for the first time ever, hell you get to eat sugar and all the related monsters for the first time ever this sunday. We have invited quite a few people who care about you, and hope that at least you will not feel tired and grumpy.

You show us lots of love, and more, and we love that mommy and nanna are the center of your world now. That will change come monday when you will start going to daycare, and I am already losing sleep thinking how you are going to manage there. For all I know you might not feel a thing. For all I know(and hope) the transition from home to daycare will be smooth, but I still worry. Will they show you as much love as we do? Will they care as much? Will you hate us for sending you away? (Please don’t)

Finally, I want to tell you how much joy you have brought into our lives. I was not one of those moms gushing over their babies from day one, but now I have eyes only for you, and so does nanna. When you are in the room we are constantly looking at you and wondering how you are so beautiful, and smart, and then you come running to us, to get squeezed, and to take a bite from us! Guess how much we love you? We love you to the moon and back, baby, like your least favorite story book says.

Here you are, in a contemplative mood:




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