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So 3 Idiots happened this weekend finally.

I was getting rave reviews of the movie from my parents and fellow bloggers and I was fretting to everyone about Aamir playing the lead role of a 20-year-old. I went with this huge pre-conceived notion that Aamir would look like he did in Rang De Basanti, a 40 something trying to look a good 20 years younger, and failing. Boy, am I glad that I was proved wrong!

I was sick of Aamir being Mangal Pandey or Ghajini. I wanted the good old Aamir of QSQT and DCH. The charming guy who is as normal as they get, not the huffing and puffing 6-pack man who is out to destroy anyone or anything that comes in his way. 3 Idiots brings back the old Aamir we all have come to love. It is like there was no break between Raj singing Papa Kehte Hain on the last day of college, to Akash singing Koi Kahe to Rancho saying Aal Izz Well. Aamir was perfection personified. The way he portrays a 20-something sure of himself kid was spot on, with that swaying walk, those loose tees, that bright-eyed look. (He said in one of the interviews that he observed the way Mansoor Khan’s son behaves….waaah what an idea!) After dilly dallying a bit about who is the best Khan(SR, Salman, Imran etc) I am firmly in camp Aamir again.

3I was all about Aamir but the one character that really made me go awwww was Raju Rastogi. It was like no one but Sharman could have played Raju. If ever there was a search for a modern Amol Palekar, it can stop now, because Sharman Joshi has arrived! The guy who plays the regular guy to perfection. RDB, Life in a Metro and 3 Idiots, he does justice to the parts he is offered and I hope he gets to work in more such movies than crap like Style or Golmaal or Xcuse me(a sorry xcuse for a movie).

My only gripe with 3I was WHY DO I HAVE TO SEE MADHAVAN SEMI-NAKED? Don’t get me wrong, he is good-looking and is a good actor, but he was way too fat, in an uncle-ji sort of way for a 20-year-old!

This is not a review of 3 Idiots. I gather that people will go and watch it at least once, because everyone else who did liked it immensely. This post is about how good old Bollywood 3 Idiots was, and was totally paisa vasool. This was the kind of stuff Basu Chatterjee would have made. Clean, contemporary comedy with good-at-heart characters, where even the villain is not really a bad person. Movies like 3 Idiots and Rocket Singh(I am going to talk about RS in another post, soon) prove that a movie does not need hi-glitz, glamor, loud dialogue, scantily dressed women, techno music, vulgar comedy etc to be successful. A movie can be as simple as it gets, but has to be made dil se.

Isme comedy hain, action hain, drama hain, romance hain……..what else do you want? Go watch it, because Aal izz well with Bollywood.

PS: I also caught up with the 3I makers-Chetan Bhagat fight this weekend, and as expected, have a lot to say in the matter. That post is also coming up soon.


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The last weekend we were so movie starved that we ended up watching 3 movies in 3 days!

The first was De Dana Dan. First I want to say that Priyadarshan has officially lost his marbles. Hera Pehri was awesome, superb, rib tickling funny. Hungama was good, but a little loud, but good nonetheless. Hulchul was alright, but tested patience in some places. Garam Masala was okay, strictly okay. Malamal, Bhagam Bhag, Billu were BAD. De Dana Dan actually crosses all hadd of crap. DDD has the same old cast – an old but trying to be young Akshay Kumar, an ageing Suniel Shetty who will never find an acting bone in his body no matter how many times he is cast by Priya, dumb as a tree trunk Sameera Reddy and look-I-am-all-over-the-place but I cannot act to save my life(or others’) Katrina(but I have one good thing to say about her, that is coming up later). . Then there are the usual suspects – Paresh Rawal, Rajpan Yadav, Asrani, Johnny Lever, Tinnu Anand, Manoj Joshi, all yelling at one another(and themselves) in a shouting and kicking match that is De Dana Dan. The icing on this(inedible) cake is an even louder, irritating and cringe-inducing Archana Puran Singh. The only person who does not yell is Katrina, she talks softly and tries her best to ‘act’, but the result is another story(why do so many directors cast her these days?). Well, Sameera Reddy does not yell too, but that is because she only gets two dialogues in the entire movie, where every other actor seems to have been bestowed with verbal diarrhea by the director. DDD gave us a BIG headache, so much that we had to run home to a warm cuppa tea to regain some sense of peace and health. UTTER CRAP. I fail to understand how Priyadarshan can make such crap one after the other. I mean, one crappy movie means the guy was unlucky, two, the guy has a bad period, but so much crap from one man makes me thing this is a saajish by the aliens to wipe planet earth off of all thinking people! Or maybe Priyadarshan secretly has a pharmaceutical company that makes cheap pain pills and he wants to make a profit. His CRAPPY movies give us a headache and he hopes we will buy his crappy pills so that his crappy company can make a profit? Or maybe I have been morphed into a crap speaking alien by DDD?

(I have to admit, in spite of the loudness, there were 2-3 scenes where we laughed hard. But they were so few and far in between that all I remember is the shouting and the headache.)

The second (relatively less crappy) crap was New York. This one also stars Katrina. Now here I have to take a detour and talk about Kat. The girl is pretty. Thats all. That is all I have to say about her. There is nothing else. She cannot smile, she cannot cry, she cannot emote, she cannot laugh. Nothing. She stares at us with a blank expression and beautiful but empty eyes. She might be a smart cookie in real life, but on-screen she is a bimbo. That is what she is…a bimbo. Coming back to New York. It is what I expected it to be. Playing on stereotypes of a Muslim man suspected of being a terrorist, and questioned and tortured for months, becomes a terrorist when he is released for lack of evidence. Another Muslim is sent to infiltrate his sleeper cell and stop them before they do something big. The only person who acted well was Irrfan Khan. The rest, Kat, John Abraham and Neil were useless. Who was the worst? Well, that would be tough to say, because it turns out that behind all that hot-shot, rippling mussal body of john’s there is ….. nothing! He officially dethroned Kat as the most wooden screen presence ever! ****Drumrolls****

Well, two horrors on the senses inflicted, I really wanted to redeem my movie-lover self. Thus a trip to watch The Fantastic Mr. Fox happened. What can I say, I came home a redeemed soul! It is the animated story of a fox and his family who are chased all around town by 3 farmers who are angry that the fox is stealing their chicken! And what a movie that was? Mery Streep, George Clooney, Bill Murray provide the voice over and they were all lovely. I would totally recommend Fantastic to every one of you. Go watch it for pure fun. No shouting, no yelling, no bad acting. ‘Animated animals’ proved to be better actors than some of the bolly-babes and dudes we had watched this weekend. What irony!


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Movie weekend

We caught up with a few movies this weekend.
The first was Sex and the City. For long I have felt deprived because it seemed like I was the only woman in the US who hadn’t watched SATC yet! So finally this weekend I hopped over to Blockbuster and brought home the coveted DVD. Since I am not a SATC series watcher, I had no idea what was in store. I had heard from friends and colleagues that it was one great girls’ movie and I HAD to be a part of the girly fun. The fun ended 12 minutes into the movie. I started with ‘These women are so shallow’, ‘There is no story’, etc. Slowly I stated getting irritated with the frequent talk of shoes, sex and labels. I found the fashion too silly and impractical for my taste(think the Louis Vuitton bag that Carrie gifts Louise.) I found the girls(or women) too shallow to be in love and too jobless for my liking. The 145 minutes of the movie were the longest and most boring 145 minutes of my life. I could have very well put them to better use!

The second movie was ‘Mumbai Meri Jaan‘. Now this one was truly riveting. The way the stories of these various characters is woven together is praise-worthy. I was totally involved in the movie from beginning to the end and not one moment was I bored. That, I think, is a trademark of a well-made movie. Having lived in Mumbai for 3 years, I really identified with the characters’ daily lives.

The third and last movie we watched was ‘Vicky Christina Barcelona‘. This is Woody Allen at his best, I think. We have seen most movies by Woody and enjoy each dialogue thoroughly. His characters are well etched and dialogues are well-written and his humor is very caustic and dry(my style!) Penelope Cruz takes the cake in VCB and deserved her Academy Award. And BOY does she look hot! I liked the last 2 minutes the best. In true Woody style, the events of a few seconds jolt the errant characters into doing the right thing. A lot of reviewers did not like the voice over by Woody, but to me, that was the best part of VCB.

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Fultoo Dhamaal!

This review might be a little too late but the movie is good enough to warrant a review, late or otherwise. So this weekend we got the Dhamaal DVD from an Indian store. I was expecting a half-baked attempt at comedy, with lots of sexual innuendos and double entendre, a la Masti style but was pleasantly surprised. Before I delve into the depths of brainless slapstick, a word of caution: Dhamaal is a remake of ‘Its a mad mad mad world’, with a few scenes lifted from ‘Roadtrip’. And if you have not seen the above mentioned films, you are in for a great time.

Its a fantastic story of four good for nothing friends who, while attempting to save a dying criminal(a completely bald Prem Chopra ofcourse!) learn that dus carode have been buried in some park in Goa. Thus starts the mad fun-filled trip to Goa, complete with a pagal-khane wali bus full of mental cases, a hanging from the cliff rescue, a daku following Riteish(BTW i observed that its the nth time Ritesh Deshmukh has changed the spelling of his first name!) and the like. Most of the gags work superbly without trying too much(a tribute to the original movie i guess). The gag that takes the cake is when Arshad Warsi, when confronted by a pistol-toting Sanju baba, drops to the ground to show his fear and remorse, and starts collecting mud in an attempt to blind Sanjay Dutt (like Dharam paaji does to Gabbar in Sholay) and by the time Arshad has thrown all the mud in the air, Sanjay has already moved away and he says “sholay maine bhi dekhi hain”….hahaha. One thing is for sure. If you want to enjoy this mad movie, better leave your brains at home(or at work if you are watching at home) and grab that snack and cola and be ready to be entertained bollywood ishtyle! And hey! there are no women or songs to take your mind(didnt you stow it away?) away from the fun!

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