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Hodgepodge post

It has been more than 2 weeks since I last blogged and a lot has happened since. BabyN is crawling, for one, and nothing in the house is safe from his grabbing hands and his open mouth anymore. It is odd that for the last 2 months all he has been doing is put stuff in his mouth constantly. If this is teething I will be one happy mamma when this phase is over, because nothing is spared. Not my shoulder, not our fingers, hair, clothes, the crib rail or for that matter legs of the coffee table. The other day I found him on his belly, trying to mouth the coffee table leg! Who does that? I was laughing so hard I forgot to take a picture before I pulled him out from under the table! We started him on solids right after he completed 6 months, and so far he loves it. His favorites keep changing from acorn squash to beans to broccoli to bananas but he most definitely hates pears and apples.

This below is a good snapshot of what we do all day: constantly trying to stand up, climb places and generally be restless and overactive!

I started work on writing 50k words in 30 days, aka, National Novel Writing Month, aka 30 days of writing madness. 50,000 words in 30 days makes it roughly 1667 words a day, and I have written 3800 words so far, and day 3 is not over yet. Overall I feel really good about my progress, except that I am really not sure how good the writing or the plot development really are. After this month ends I am going to work on the manuscript to make it more coherent and start posting chapters on this blog starting early next year. That is the plan, now what turns out, we will see. By putting all this down in writing I am hoping that I am giving my commitment to the task, and that will keep me motivated through days of doom and gloom.


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