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Out of hibernation

The last few years I have been feeling like a bear. Thanks to freezing cold winters, we practically hibernate in winters, loading up on the calories and watching mindless television, and come Spring/Summer, we emerge, ready to burn off the layers of fat that have accumulated over the long, dreary winter. We dust our walking/running shoes, research short weekend getaways, and away we go. This has become more of a trend in the last one year. Last winter was particularly cold, with 2-3 back to back snow storms that brought life to a halt. Then there was a barely there spring, and soon enough the hot sun started to pound down on us. Out came our sunglasses and sunscreen and other sun paraphernalia.

This past weekend saw us venture into bear country. We camped in a National Park and then the next morning set out on an 8.8 mile hike up a mountain. While the hike itself was not too tough, it took us a good 6 hours to finish it, by which time both our supply of water and our stamina had dwindled to non-existant. Post the hike, we ended up gorging on yummy Chinese food. Here are some sights from the weekend.

Our teeny-tiny tents

And the fire-pit where we made maggi, smoky chai and half-done eggs

We had visitors early morning.

who refused to leave.

The hike begins

Through narrow rocks

and narrower gullies!

Finally some open sky!

That is our destination - looks nearby but is far away 😦

Aaand we're there!


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